About CPIJ

Committees and Branches

Committees or branches carry out the activities of the CPIJ.

Standing Committees

  • Planning and Research Committee
  • Editorial Committee
  • Academic Committee
  • Project Committee
  • International Affairs Committee
  • Awards Committee
  • Social Cooperation Committee

Special Committee

  • Smart City Special Committee
  • Disaster Prevention Special Committee
  • Annual Conference Special Committee
  • Continuing Professional Development for Urban Planners Special Committee
  • Urban Structure Visualization Special Committee


  • Hokkaido Branch (HP)
  • Tohoku Branch (HP)
  • Chubu Branch (HP)
  • Kansai Branch (HP)
  • Chugoku- Shikoku Branch (HP)
  • Kyushu Branch (HP)

[Note] The homepage of each branch is in Japanese only.